Best Crypto Poker Sites in India

Poker is perhaps the most popular casino game of all time. In fact, many believe that poker has grown out of other casino games’ shadow and is its own category now! The availability of many crypto poker sites in India only attests to the fact.

List of Best Poker Sites

Rank Bookmaker Rating Bonus Get bonus
10% Welcome Bonus Up To 5 mBTC
PlayRead review
20% Casino Games Cashback
PlayRead review
First deposit bonus up to $800
PlayRead review
100% Bonus up to 1.5 BTC + 100 Free Spins
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PlayRead review
100% welcome bonus up to $500
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The Universal Guide to Crypto Pokers in India

Someone who once got the taste of playing poker will barely play other games. But the journey is not always smooth. Especially when you’re just starting.

Crypto Poker

You’d be glad to know that you can now play crypto poker USA. How? That’s what this guide is all about.

List of Best Poker Sites

  • Bonus
    First Deposit Bonus Up to 5 BTC
    When you gamble online, you’re doing it for the benefits. And of course, the enjoyment you get from it. One…

Is Crypto Poker Legal in India?

To understand whether crypto pokers are legal in India or not, you first need to know whether poker is legal or not.

It's merely a lucrative business, neither illegal nor legal. A proposal made by The Union Bugden 2022/23 was to classify cryptocurrency as VDAs, or Virtual Digital Assets. This implies that a fixed rate of 30% in taxes must be paid by everyone who owns cryptocurrency. This tax is levied on income derived from the sale of cryptocurrency or NFTs.

Advantages of Using Cryptocurrency for Poker

The idea of crypto pokers in India is not a mainstream one yet. It means a huge portion of the poker players in the country are still not utilizing the top crypto pokers. We believe we can help with that by listing the benefits. Check it out!

✔ Guaranteed Anonymity

Not everyone is fine with letting their sensitive information floating on the internet. The data may include their bank account numbers, credit card numbers, house address, office address, email addresses, and whatnot! Crypto poker India sites, on the other hand, need nothing but your wallet address.

✔ Blockchain Poker

Poker as a game is only partially dependent on luck. Once you get your cards, it comes down to how seamless you can take the next steps. This means players will try to manipulate the system for a higher payout. With crypto poker, also known as blockchain poker, it’s not possible. All activities on a blockchain are publicly verified. So, any attempt for any fraudulent transactions will get flagged.

✔ Instant Transactions

Another big reason to pick crypto poker over regular poker, in our opinion, is instant transactions. And when we say transaction, we mean both deposit and withdrawal.

How We Rate Poker Sites

We’ve listed the best cryptocurrency pokers available in the country for you. But how did we get the names? Well, it’s a time-consuming process where our experts evaluate different features of a platform by testing them in real time. Here are the things they look for.

  • 1


    Your security is the most important thing to us. Before we look into the games or bonuses, we make sure that the crypto poker sites are licensed. In India, no gambling operator can accept players without a license from the state government.

    Apart from the license, other security parameters like SSL encryption, 3rd party audits, corporate affiliate accreditations, etc. matter to us for the ranking.

  • 2

    Game Selection

    Sure, the game we’re talking about might be plain old poker. But over time, we now have plenty of variants of the same game. They’re especially prominent across poker sites. To keep things fresh for our readers, we try to gather sites with the most vibrant collection of crypto poker games.

  • 3

    Poker Bonuses

    Just like all other online gambling sites in India, crypto poker sites also offer various bonuses. The amazing thing is that you get these bonuses in crypto tokens, whether it’s Bitcoin, Litecoin, ETH, DOGE, or anything else. 

    So, it’s only obvious that we try to get the biggest bonuses for you. A misconception is that the bigger the bonus, the better it is. In our experience, a big bonus barely translates into a user-friendly experience. So, we put extra focus on the terms and conditions.

  • 4

    Customer Support

    You might know everything about a game of crypto poker online but you don’t know the technical details of what goes into the platform. So, when you face an issue with any of the services, you’ll need to contact customer support to resolve it. 

    What if the support team is not efficient? Even worse, what if they don’t even know how to solve your issue? Believe it or not, we’ve encountered such mediocre support teams right here in India. 

    This is why we check customer support channels before recommending the top crypto pokers.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Money

To play crypto currency poker games, you’ll need to spend money. In this case, it’s crypto tokens instead of fiat currency. But how do you approach an online crypto poker India site? What are the prerequisites? Let’s find out! 

  • Choose Your Preferred Cryptocurrency and Wallet
    step 1

    If you want to play the best crypto poker, it’s a given that you’ll need crypto tokens first. Without them, how do you plan to deposit or withdraw? So, choose what crypto you want to use. We recommend choosing between Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum.
    Based on what token you choose, you’ll need to choose an appropriate crypto wallet.

  • Buy the Crypto from an Exchange
    step 2

    After you choose the crypto you want to use, it’s time to get some. If you don’t have a friend or a family member who can send you the tokens, the next best thing is to use an exchange. We have a list of the best crypto exchanges in India coming up so stay tuned for that.
    The great thing about crypto exchanges is that you can buy the tokens for fiat money, using your bank account or credit cards.

  • Deposit the Crypto in Your Poker Account
    step 3

    The next step to playing crypto currency pokers is to deposit the crypto in your account. For that, all you need is the wallet address for the operator’s wallet. You put that address in your wallet and send however many tokens you want to deposit. The transaction should go through instantly.

  • Withdraw Crypto From Your Account
    step 4

    The only thing left in the payment journey of cryptocurrency poker for you is to withdraw crypto after you win. This time, you’ll need to give the operator your wallet address so that it can send the tokens to you. The process is pretty much the same as a deposit with the exception that you’re getting the money.

Top Crypto Poker Sites Table

♻️ Best Poker Casino Site for
⚡️ Best Poker Casino Site for Instant PayoutsCloudbet
💰 Best Poker Casino Site for Prize DrawsBitStarz Casino
☄️ Best Poker Casino Site for High
🤑 Best Poker Casino Site for Poker FreerollBlack Chip Poker Casino
🎮 Best Poker Casino Site for Game VarietyThunderpick
🎯 Best Poker Casino Site for Sports
🎩 Best Poker Casino Site for Live
💡 Best Poker Casino Site for InnovationBetUs Casino
👀 Best Poker Casino Site for Free Tournament TicketsGGPoker Casino

Popular Crypto Exchanges for Poker

Looking for an exchange to buy crypto tokens in India? Not sure which one to go for? Well, we might have the answer to your questions. Check out our top 3 picks.


Anyone who’s even remotely involved with crypto will know about Coinbase. It’s just the biggest crypto exchange as well as wallet provider in the world! The fees you need to pay for buying, selling, and trading crypto on Coinbase are very competitive. So, this is our top choice if you’re looking to get crypto poker coins.


Binance took the world by storm when it first came out. If a 360-degree crypto service had a face, it would look like Binance. Among many other things, you can buy all the major crypto tokens here. You may use PayPal, credit cards, and a few other payment methods.


eToro is widely known as one of the finest trading platforms in the US. See how we’re calling it a trading platform and not a “crypto” trading platform? It’s simply because eToro offers stocks and options trading too! You can check out the website’s crypto section to see if all the tokens you’re looking for are available or not.

Popular Poker Tournaments

Poker has grown beyond a simple casino game at this point. You can participate in plenty of tournaments in India, with or without cryptocurrencies. As we’re discussing poker anyways, let’s list the most popular tournaments for you.

🃏 World Series of Poker

Perhaps the most prestigious poker tournament. It’s been running since 1970 and only the most elite poker players make it to the tournament. It’s a strong brand on its own and the prize pool is over $80,000 now!

🃏 World Poker Tour

What started as a documentary supplement turned into a full-fledged poker tournament. 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the tournament. It’s broadcasted in over 150 countries.

🃏 Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT)

This tournament was initially targeted at poker players in Minnesota only. But the popularity of the format made it a hit across the world. Each tour lasts for an entire year and covers 15 main events in that time.

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