Best Bitcoin eSports Betting Sites in Germany

Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular day by day due to its high volatility. Soon, fiat currency will cease to be the norm for all sorts of payments and transactions and cryptocurrency is going to take over. This opens up the way for the bitcoin eSports betting industry.

List of Best eSports Sportsbook that Accept Bitcoin

Rank Bookmaker Rating Bonus Get bonus
100% welcome bonus of up to 300 EUR
PlayRead review
Welcome bonus up to €500
PlayRead review
PlayRead review
Welcome bonus up to €500
PlayRead review
100% welcome bonus up to €500
PlayRead review

Why Use Bitcoin for eSports Betting?

If the comparison with traditional currencies wasn’t enough to satisfy you, here’s a list of some other reasons why you’d want to use Bitcoin for eSports betting.

Limited Supply

The unique thing about Bitcoin is its limited supply. The creator has put a max cap of 21 billion units on it. Once it reaches that mark,  no new Bitcoin will be created. So, you can see how easily the price of Bitcoin could go up thanks to this.

If this does happen to be the case, Bitcoin will become a precious resource. It would also have little effect from inflation making it a secure resource to own. It’s perfect for investors and gamblers alike.


Bitcoin is a fungible token. This means that you can change it with any other token easily. So, if you happen to be playing at a betting site where Bitcoin isn’t available, you can change your existing coins to what you need and continue betting.

You can do this easily on a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance or Coinbase. Just create an account on these platforms, link your wallet, and exchange your Bitcoins for something else when you need to.

You can also revert back to Bitcoin anytime you want. This high degree of flexibility is one of the reasons why you should consider using Bitcoins for eSports betting.

An Immutable Currency

The underlying ledger of Bitcoin makes it so that it’s immutable. As every transaction is recorded on the ledger, no one can gain access to your funds other than you. If you have concerns that someone might tamper with your records and steal money from you, it’s not something you need to be worried about with Bitcoin.

This high degree of security makes it one of the best options there is for online betting. It allows you to focus on the betting aspect more than the financial one. After all, if you’re stuck worried about your Bitcoins and the security, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy much, would you?

How to Bet on eSports Online

Betting on eSports is no different than any other sport. It’s pretty straightforward. If you’ve never done it before keep reading along and you’ll figure out eSports betting with Bitcoin in no time.

  • 1

    Check Our Bookmaker List

    First things first, you’ll want to check our list of the best Bitcoin eSports betting sites. We’ll go over which bookie offers the best bonuses and offers the best services for you to get started. The bookmakers on our list know their eSports so you should have no problems betting there.

  • 2

    Get Used to Your Bookmaker

    If you’ve found a bookie that you like particularly, it’s now time to get used to the interface. You want to be as comfortable as possible when you’re engaging in eSports betting with Bitcoin.

  • 3

    Deposit Funds

    If you’ve already set up your account then the next thing on the agenda is depositing funds. Make sure you avail yourself of any deposit bonuses that exit. The best Bitcoin eSports betting sites offer regular deposit bonuses with many advantages.

eSports Overview
🏟 ️First Introduced1999
🏢 Overseeing OrganizationsDepends on the game
🔝 Bookmaker CoverageHigh
⭐️ Popular inChina, USA, South Korea, Russia
🌍 World ChampionshipCS:GO Majors, League of Legends World Championship
🏅 Olympic DisciplineDepends on the game

Popular Bonus Types

We talked about checking for bonuses when talking about betting. Here we take a look at some of the most popular sportsbook bonuses out there.

Welcome Bonuses

This is the most common type of bonus that you’ll find at almost any Bitcoin eSports betting site. It’s a bonus that applies only to new players. This can be a first deposit bonus or a no-deposit bonus.

No Deposit Bonuses

It’s not mandatory that a no-deposit bonus only applies to a welcome bonus. Players can get cashback rewards even if they keep losing bets.

Deposit Bonuses

This bonus can be used by every player at a Bitcoin eSports betting site. The most common bonus for this is getting free bets for depositing money. It helps out placing bigger bets when you’re feeling good.

Information about esports bonuses

🔥 Non GamStop Gambling SitesAvailable
🔥 Reviewed eSports Sites10+
🔥 Listed Sportsbooks Without Gamstop5+
🔥 Popular GamesDota 2, Counter-Strike, Fortnite, League of Legends
🔥 Best Betting SitesCloudbet, Thunderpick
🔥 Min Wagering Ratex1
🔥 Featured BookieCloudbet

Top 3 Bitcoin eSports Bookmakers in Germany

We want all of our readers to experience only the best of the best Bitcoin eSports betting sites. That’s why we’ve listed our top 3 picks right here.


If you’re looking for a bookmaker that offers a good collection of eSport betting options to choose from, then Cloudbet is the perfect fit. It also has some great cryptocurrency payment options.

Supporting a wide variety of cryptocurrency payment options is one of the best bookies in the industry. It offers great sports options as well as above-average odds.


One of the best-looking interfaces in an online bookmaker. Thunderpick pleases the eyes while providing an amazing betting experience with Bitcoin. They have other cryptocurrency options as well.

How We Rank eSports Sportsbooks

It’s important that our readers know exactly the review process we use to rank the sportsbooks on our list. When you know about it, that should tell you whether or not the bookmaker is in your best interests. So, let’s do that now.

  • 1

    Checking the License

    You don’t want to deal with a bookmaker that’s not even licensed. Germany has strict regulations against unlicensed operators. You don’t want to get in the crossfire when these bookmakers are taken down.

  • 2

    Betting Odds and Markets

    Without betting odds or markets you’d can hardly ever have a good betting experience. This is why we always evaluate these two factors whenever considering any bookmaker. It’s important that punters get offered the most popular betting markets as well as the best odds.

  • 3

    Payment Methods

    Payment methods are another important factor that we need to consider. You want a good number of deposit and withdrawal options. For eSports betting with Bitcoin, we’ve chosen sportsbooks that support Bitcoin Payments.

List of the Best Bitcoin eSports Bookmakers

♻️ Best Bitcoin eSports Betting Site for CashbackThunderpick
⚡️ Best Bitcoin eSports Betting Site for Instant PayoutsCloudbet
💰 Best Bitcoin eSports Betting Site for Free
🤑 Best Bitcoin eSports Betting Site for Cash
🎯 Best Bitcoin eSports Betting Site for Live
💡 Best Bitcoin eSports Betting Site for InnovationThunderpick

Bitcoin eSports Betting Useful Tips (Strategies)

Since you will be using Bitcoin for transactions when you’re choosing a bookmaker, you need to ensure that you have a crypto wallet set up. This will let you deposit and withdraw money to and from your sportsbook account instantly.


Most Popular esports Betting Markets

For the different eSport games, there are different markets since the games vary differently from each other. But here we’ll take a look at some of the popular common betting markets.

There are match-winner betting markets as well as, markets that are specific to certain games. For shooter games, there is a market where you bet on which team wins the most number of maps.


Top 3 Mobile Apps for Bitcoin eSports Betting

If you want to get into eSports betting with Bitcoin from your phone, then here are our top 3 picks.


We already recommended this bookmaker in our recommendations list. It should be of no surprise that there’s a mobile app and we’re suggesting that to you.


This is another bookmaker that’s known for having a wonderful interface and a good collection of betting markets to choose from. If you’re looking for a laid-back betting experience then this is the app for you.

This app has the same features as its desktop counterpart as well as a stylish interface for you to work with.


Live Betting eSports

Live betting in eSports is nothing new. It was already possible to place live bets in ongoing matches with fiat currency options. It’s the same for Bitcoin. You get the added benefit of instant withdrawals with Bitcoin which makes it more fun.


Other Popular Bookmakers for eSports

Here are some other bookmakers that are popular among eSports fans.

  1. Cloudbet - Cash Out, Cashback, Live Betting, Multi-Format Odds
  2. ThunderPick - Good UI, Cash Out, Live Betting
  3. - Cashback, Promotions, Several Crypto Payment Alternatives
  4. - Promotions, Several Crypto Payment Alternatives

Popular eSports Events to Bet on

The eSports scene always has events that are popular for betting on. Here are some of them.

➜ The International – DOTA 2

This is the biggest eSports tournament in the world. With the price pool going up each year, fans await each year for when the International comes around. It’s one of those betting events players wait around for all year

➜ CS:GO Majors

CS: GO Majors are no strangers to the fans. The best teams from each region compete together to find out who’s the best. For CS:GO fans this is an event worth betting on.

➜ League of Legends Worlds

Similar to The International, the LoL Worlds is the biggest tournament of the year for League of Legends. If you’re a looking to bet on a LoL event, consider betting on your favorite team in LoL Worlds.

➜ Valorant Champions Tournament

The Valorant Champions is the grand tournament that’s held for Riot’s shooter game. The game is still relatively new, but it has become quite popular in the betting sphere. If you want to bet on your favorite team, this is the event to do it.


Best eSports Betting Odds

Let’s talk about the most common yet one of the most popular betting odds when it comes to eSports. This is going to be common for every eSport because we’re talking about the match-winner betting market.

The odds differ from one bookmaker to the next. For example, you won’t find the same odds for the exact same match on Cloudbet or Thunderpick.

What Cryptos Can You Bet on eSports?

One of the most important questions we get asked often is about the cryptocurrencies you can use for betting. Are all cryptos fair game? Or are there restrictions on which coins you can use to wager on your favorite eSports team?

The answer to that question will depend on the bookmaker in question. For instance, on, you can bet with over 30 different kinds of cryptocurrencies. The same can’t be said for BetUS. You can only bet with the four major cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

You might come across a bookmaker that supports several different options. If that happens to be the case, you can use all of those for betting on eSports. But for the most part, these are the cryptos that you can find in almost every crypto eSports betting site.


Being the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin still has the highest market value out of every option out there. Some people still have some lying around from the early days which they can use to play high-stakes wagers.

Bitcoin Cash

For those looking to try a cheaper alternative with the same level of security, Bitcoin Cash is perfect. It’s an altcoin that’s a fork of Bitcoin. It’s been around for 14 years now and still holding strong.

While it has had ups and downs in the price since its release, it’s relatively cheaper now. If you’re looking for a crypto that’s accepted everywhere being safe and secure at the same time, then Bitcoin Cash is a good alternative to consider.


In terms of pricing, Ethereum is second to Bitcoin. Experts in the industry call it the silver of the crypto industry compared to Bitcoin’s gold. It has the second-largest market cap right now making it very valuable to gamblers for betting.


Lastly, we have Litecoin. This is the cheapest of the bunch which means anyone can get their hands on this crypto easily. But since the price is lower, you’re going to need a lot more of it to wager on the eSports events.

Traditional Vs Bitcoin eSports Betting

If the question of why choose Bitcoin eSports betting over traditional betting came across your mind, you wouldn’t be the first one. There are some clear advantages to choosing Bitcoin as your currency for betting. Let’s take a closer look at what those are.

Anonymity and Security

With traditional betting, you need to provide your personal and financial information to perform transactions on the betting sites. While it’s safe to do it on trusted sites, there’s always the risk someone might intercept the information and get access to your hard-earned money.

In comparison, using Bitcoin, you can remain anonymous and perform transactions without revealing sensitive information. This gives you the peace of mind that you can wager on Dota 2 or LoL without worrying that someone might steal your money.

Transaction Speed and Fees

With traditional payment methods, you get access to different methods, each of which comes with different transactional speeds. Some are faster than others. There’s also the concern regarding the transactional fee which can end up being quite high.

With Bitcoin transactions, the speed is the fastest you’ll ever enjoy. And while there is a transaction fee, it’s quite low compared to many traditional payment methods that you might know of.


One of the only things that fiat currencies can offer over Bitcoin betting is the stability of its price. Even if it fluctuates, it’s not too big of a spike. Rather it always remains within accepted margins.

But if you take a look at the market chart for the price of Bitcoin, you will notice that it’s all over the place. This also takes place on a daily basis. Since it’s based on decentralized finance, there’s no baseline for the price. This means that you can’t anticipate how high or low the price of Bitcoin can get on any given day.


One of the issues with traditional betting that uses fiat money is currency support. Bookmakers mention in their terms the currencies that they accept on their platform. If you’re playing with foreign currency, you will have to deal with conversion costs which ends up in you losing a lot of money to fees.

Bitcoin on the other hand is a borderless currency. It will be worth the same no matter where you’re playing from. You won’t need to change it to any other currency as it’s accepted as it is by bookmakers.

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