Bitcoin Bingo in Germany

Shouting out “Bingo” after defeating a room full of players is an adrenaline rush you don’t get that often. Even in the early 2010s, there were plenty of Bingo halls all over Germany. But now, players are more interested in Bitcoin Bingo.

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Online Bingo Rules

Bingo is a game that needs very little introduction. Even if you haven’t played the game, you must’ve heard of it. To someone who has never played the game, it might seem a bit complicated. But not when you have us by your side. Let us explain.

There are 2 main components to both Bingo Bitcoin and regular Bingo. The Bingo card and the draw machine. To start playing, you must buy a Bingo card from the vendor. In the case of BTC Bingo games, the vendor is the crypto casino you’re playing at.

The Bingo Numbers

Depending on the variant of the game you’re playing, you may get 75 numbers, 80 numbers, or even 90 numbers in the pool. This refers to how many balls are there on the drawing machine. Depending on this number, the number of spots on your Bingo card will vary.

Your Bingo Card

Each Bingo card in a session is going to be different. It means none of the players are getting the same cards. Hence, there can only be 1 winner in a session. The common modality of best Bitcoin Bingo is where you play with 25 spots.

The 25 numbers on your card are arranged in a 5x5 formation. On the top section of the card, you’ll find the B I N G O label. The B column will have 5 numbers under it, the I column will have another 5 numbers under it, and it keeps going.

bingo card

RNG vs Live Bingo

With the advancement of internet technology, almost all casino games have been adapted online. Bingo was never a core casino game. However, almost all modern online crypto casino have a decent collection of RNG and BTC Bingo live games.

RNG Bingo

Live Bingo Bitcoin

You digitally buy your Bingo card and the software draws the numbers

The games are conducted by real dealers who call out the cards and run the draw machine manually.

RNG Bingo games are running 24/7 which means you can start playing whenever you want.

Bitcoin Live Bingo game schedules are announced in advance to let the players know about it.

Types of Online BTC Bingo Games

You will find that not all BTC bingo sites offer the same options for playing bingo online. This happens because there are different variants of the game. Check the following table to see what are the most popular variants of online bingo:



Numbers per card

90 ball bingo



80 ball bingo



75 ball bingo



30 ball bingo



Best Bingo Strategies

One of the main reasons behind BTC Bingo’s popularity is its unpredictability. But when you know how to use strategies in the best bitcoin bingo online, you can surely improve your odds. Let's go over some quick tips you can use when playing at Bitcoin Bingo sites.

✔ Buying Multiple Cards

In every game that uses a range of numbers and random draws to determine the winner, you can increase your odds by simply buying more tickets. As for Bingo, you run the risk of getting too many cards. So, know your limits and buy that amount to cover a good chunk of the total pool.

✔ Special Winning Patterns

All popular game variants offer different patterns that are exclusive to that title. If you play a game with more winning patterns, you may win more.

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