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Bitcoin Craps in the USA

Among all the table games you can play right now at crypto casinos, Craps is perhaps the most complex one. Then again, if you’ve been playing for a while, you might disagree. Whatever the case is, we’re about to delve into Bitcoin craps on this page.

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Online Craps Rules

The reason we called craps a complex game is simply because there are lots of “if” and “then” in the rules. The game starts with the come out roll, done by the shooter. Based on the outcome of the come out roll of the dice, the subsequent rolls are done.

If the come out roll is a 7 or 11, it’s considered a “Natural”. The shooter is the winner in this case and they get to roll again.

If the come out roll is a 2, 3, or 12, it’s “craps”. The shooter loses in this case.

Last but not least, if the come out roll is a point, as in a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, the dealer marks it on the table. If you’re playing an RNG Bitcoin craps game, the point will get automatically marked. For Bitcoin live craps, the dealer will mark the point on camera.

If you look at the Craps table, you’ll see various fields like “Pass or Don’t Pass”, “Come or Don’t Come”, and a lot of numbers. The numbers are for marking the points. The rest actually refer to the outcomes other players except for the shooter can wager on.

Come or Don’t Come

This is a prominent entry on the BTC craps table. Come and Don’t Come outcomes are actually referring to whether the shooter will get a natural or not. To refresh your memory, a natural is when they come out roll is a 7 or an 11.

If you bet on come, it means you’re hoping that the shooter hits a natural. If you bet on Don’t Come, you’re hoping for the shooter to fail in hitting a natural.

Pass or Don’t Pass

The pass line on the best Bitcoin craps free table marks a line that the shooter may or may not pass with their throw. You never know how hard the shooter is going to throw the dice so both are valid outcomes.

craps online

Common Types of Craps Bets

BetWhen does it win?
Pass Line BetWhen the come-out roll is 7 or 11
Don’t Pass BetWhen the roll is 2 or 3
Come BetWhen the number is rolled before a 7
Don’t Come BetIf a 7 is rolled first
Taking The OddsIf the point number is rolled before a 7
Laying the OddsIf a 7 is rolled before the point number

Craps Live vs RNG Craps

The reason we’re specifically listing Craps Live is that it’s the most popular form of live dealer BTC Craps in the world. And for the RNG section, First Person Craps is a very strong contender.

Craps Live

RNG Craps

A live dealer is present.

No live dealers.

Multiple camera angles on the dealer.

Only the console is visible in most games.

You can interact with the dealer.

No human interaction.

Variations of Crap Games




Crapless Craps

Popular in USA

"Don’t pass" bets are not available here

High Point Craps

Available on both online casinos and land-based casinos

Higher house edge than other variants

New York Craps

Popular in USA and UK

"Come" and "don’t come" bets are not allowed

Simplified Craps

Perfect for beginners

Higher house edge than other variants

Best Craps Strategies

Want to strategize your gameplay with Bitcoin casino craps? Not sure where to start? Well, we’ve got some strategies and techniques you might want to try the next time you’re in a crypto casino.

✔ Stick to Come/Don’t Come/Pass/Don’t Pass Bets

As spectators, these are the safest bets. Especially when you’re just learning the game, bets don’t get any better than these. At the same time, these bets reduce the house edge to 1.41% only!

✔ Don’t Go for Proposition Bets

These bets vary from casino to casino. However, one characteristic is common across all of them. Very high house edges!

Pros and Cons of Crypto Based Craps

Crypto craps are relatively easy to find these days compared to before. To make sure that you know what you’re getting into, let our experts summarize the pros and cons of the game.

  • When you use cryptocurrencies to play online craps, you no longer have to worry about letting go of your online privacy.
  • Crypto deposits and withdrawals are near-instant. It means you’ll get your hands on the winnings whenever you want.
  • One of the best aspects of playing crypto Craps is its cross-border capabilities. It doesn’t matter where you are or where the casino is
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are secured and validated on a public network. So, it’s unlikely for you to lose money or fall for scams.
  • The biggest drawback of using cryptocurrencies for gambling is their volatility. The prices fluctuate a lot which means your total bankroll will fluctuate.
  • Using cryptocurrencies requires a degree of tech literacy on the user’s end. You need to know how to install wallets, use public addresses, and transfer funds.
  • The crypto casinos are still very niche. So, you probably won’t find as many options when looking for Craps games.
  • The legality of cryptocurrencies is debated across the world. In the US, however, it’s regulated and accepted.

Popular Cryptocurrencies to Play Craps Games Online

Most modern crypto casinos offer a wide variety of tokens to choose from. It’s primarily due to the ease of conversion. However, not all networks are created equal. So, to guide you on how to use crypto for craps, let us list our top 5 cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin leads the pack in the crypto casino world. It's widely accepted all over the world and is the most popular currency. No wonder casinos are willing to take it. Plus, its strong security and massive market cap make it ideal for both deposits and withdrawals. With Bitcoin, you get reliability and a well-established network that also helps you win massive bonuses.


In terms of market cap and market sentiment, Ethereum is the 2nd most popular cryptocurrency in the world. It used to be known for its speedy transactions. But in recent times, the network has been facing congestion and high gas fees like never before.

Thankfully, Ethereum 2.0 is on its way, an upgrade that’ll improve the network speed as well as network stability. In the meantime, you can still use it to play crypto craps.


Litecoin happens to be the speedy little sibling of Bitcoin. If you ask any trader, they’ll agree that its price movements follow Bitcoin pretty closely. As for playing craps, it offers much faster transaction times and lower fees compared to its role model.


Dogecoin is one of those networks that you usually don’t think about when it comes to online payments. Surprisingly, a lot of online casinos accept DOGE for deposits and withdrawals. The project has a very strong community behind it with endorsements from global figures like Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg.


The king of stablecoins. Tether has been in business since 2014 and it has minted stablecoins across 10 different blockchains over the years. If you want to avoid the volatility of regular crypto when playing craps, Tether is a great choice.

Top 3 Bitcoin Craps Sites

Not sure which crypto casinos to pick for your Bitcoin online Craps adventures? Well, say no more because we’ve gathered our top Bitcoin Craps Sites for you! USA is one of our favorite crypto casinos out there thanks to its broad selection of tokens. It offers unique coins such as ADA or TRON for deposits and withdrawals. As for craps selection, you get titles like First Person Craps, Craps (Evolution), and Craps (Play’n Go).

  • Very reputable operator in iGaming
  • 10% Welcome bonus up to 5 mBTC
  • Licensed across many US states
  • Limited yet elegant selection of games
  • The game selection could’ve been better



7Bit Casino

7Bit Casino USA

At the time of writing this post, 7Bit Casino accepts BTC, ETH, DOGE, and LTC. This makes it a very good online casino for crypto enthusiasts. On top of it, you get to play Craps from a handful of software providers. While the game rules are the same, every provider has their twist included in it.

  • One of the best crypto casinos in the US
  • Accepts both fiat and cryptocurrencies
  • Fast withdrawalsTrusted by corporate affiliates such as Askgamblers and Casino Guru
  • The craps selection could’ve been better




Bitcasino USA

The last online casino we want you to know about for crypto Craps is Bitcasino. It offers a huge selection of traditional and provably fair casino games, including craps. It has popular games from industry leaders, such as Evolution Gaming and Play’n Go.

  • One of the first licensed crypto casinos out there
  • Other games from the top software providers in iGaming
  • Amazing live casino bonuses
  • Accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • A limited selection of craps


How to Choose the Best Online Craps Sites

Craps, with its dynamic and engaging gameplay, has become a staple in the world of online crypto casinos. Popular movies like The Cooler, Hard Eight, and Diamonds Are Forever have featured this staple of a casino game.

But when it comes to playing it in real life, especially online crypto craps, you must tread the waters carefully. Let us help you find the best casinos.

  • 1

    License and Security

    The trustworthiness of an online casino starts with its license. In the US, the regulation is decentralized which means individual states issue their own legislation. On top of it, you must be physically present in the state to play crypto craps games. What we’re trying to say is that you must start with a license.

    Then, you can focus on other security aspects such as SSL encryption, 3rd party audits, and awards.

  • 2

    Payment Methods

    Of course, we’re dealing with crypto crap here. In other words, you need casinos that allow you to deposit and withdraw with cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, or LTC. So, it only makes sense that you look into the available payment options.

    Crypto casinos also shine when it comes to privacy and convenience. It’s something fiat currency methods can't match. They’re not only quick but also offer secure transactions that are recorded on a public ledger.

  • 3

    Variety in Craps Games

    Although we don’t hear a lot about them, there are different versions of Bitcoin crypto craps. Simplified Craps, Crapless Craps, and High Point Craps are some of the notable titles.

    A good crypto casino should offer at least a few versions of craps games. Needless to say, live dealer options should be one of them. The variety goes a long way when it comes to keeping the sessions fresh.

  • 4

    Bonuses and Promotions

    Bonuses can elevate your craps playing experience by a lot if you know how to use them. “How to use them” is a key aspect here because most bonuses are not targeted for Craps. It means you have to be mindful of the T&C and the list of eligible games before you sign up.

    And when you do get bonuses in cryptocurrency, you get to enjoy the potential of epic gains in the near future. Of course, it goes in the opposite direction as well.

  • 5

    Customer Support

    Last but not least, effective customer support is essential for crypto craps games. Any reputable online casino in the US will provide 24/7 assistance through live chat, email, or phone. Even if you don’t get all of them, at least a combination of a couple of them will do the trick.

    Another aspect of customer support is the FAQ section. Do you have the answers to the most commonly asked questions? The FAQ section can tell a lot about the casino’s overall approach to player convenience.

FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
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