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Best Dogecoin Poker Sites in the USA

Widely known as the first of meme coins, Dogecoin has surely been an inspiration for crypto investors all over the world. It has not only established itself as a valid crypto token but also made room for people to play Dogecoin poker in the USA!

List of Best Poker Sites that Accept DOGE

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The Universal Guide to Dogecoin Pokers in the USA

There’s nothing new to discuss about Dogecoin or poker. However, when you put the 2 in the same sentence, not everyone is familiar with the outcome.

dogecoin poker

This is the guide where you can learn from A-Z how to get started on online Dogecoin pokers. 

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Is Dogecoin Poker Legal in the USA?

Poker is currently available in Nevada, Michigan, West Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. It means these states have already passed the bill that legalizes online poker. As for the rest of the states in the US, it’s hard to put a date on when you might find legal poker rooms. All we know is that subsequent bills are on their way.  

As for Dogecoin, it’s a registered and licensed blockchain. So, there’s no question regarding the legality of Dogecoin. When you put the 2 together in the states we mentioned, you have yourself the best Dogecoin pokers in the country!

🌍 CountryUSA
👌 LanguageEnglish
💶 CurrencyDollar
⚖️ Is Gambling Legal?In Several States
🕵️‍♂️ Gaming RegulatorFederal Trade Commission
📃 Gambling Tax24%

Top Dogecoin Poker Casinos List

♻️ Best Dogecoin Poker Site for CashbackCloudbet
⚡️ Best Dogecoin Poker Site for Instant
💰 Best Dogecoin Poker Site for Prize Draws7Bit
☄️ Best Dogecoin Poker Site for High
🤑 Best Dogecoin Poker Site for Poker FreerollBlack Chip Poker Casino
🎩 Best Dogecoin Poker Site for Live
💡 Best Dogecoin Poker Site for
👀 Best Dogecoin Poker Site for Free Tournament

How We Rate Poker Sites

Before you start playing Dogecoin poker USA, it’s crucial that you do a background check. That’s what we do when we recommend online casinos or poker sites to our readers. If you’re wondering what criteria to look into, follow along.

  • 1

    License and Security

    A license is always going to be a fundamental safety tool. No unlicensed operator has ever made it to our list and none ever will. For the Dogecoin poker online sites, we’ve made sure that they’re licensed by the state governments of the states we mentioned. Along with the license, we ensure the safety of your personal data with encryption and 3rd party fairness checks.

  • 2

    Poker Game Collection

    Whether you’re playing at an online casino or a poker room, you’re ultimately targeting the games. That’s what we do when we evaluate each platform. We try to maintain a healthy flow of games for our readers.  

  • 3


    A bonus in the iGaming industry helps the players to boost their bankroll without spending any additional money. We want our readers in the USA to take full advantage of the process. The Dogecoin poker platforms you see on our page are all packed with various deposit and no deposit bonuses.


Top 3 Dogecoin Poker Apps

For the longest time, we’ve been discussing the best Dogecoin poker USA practices on this page. Maybe it's time to break the monotony by presenting our top picks as poker sites. These are all online casinos with a hefty collection of poker games in their libraries.

1. SportBet.One

The name might seem misleading to a lot of you. Yes, it’s an online sportsbook but that’s not the only gambling component it offers. Rather, you can find the best poker games in the casino section too. All you have to do is navigate to the “Poker” tab on the game section.

2. Cloudbet

Being one of the household names in America, Cloudbet is inclined to offer at least a few poker games. Thankfully, the operator has done better with its game library. Among hundreds of other games, you can enjoy a nice collection of Dogecoin poker.


The name of this casino suggests that it accepts Bitcoin as crypto. Many of you don’t know that it also accepts DOGE. And the poker games are waiting for you on the main game page.

Popular Dogecoin Exchanges for Poker

The simplest way to get your hands on Dogecoin is to buy them from a crypto exchange. Just like the number of cryptocurrencies, the number of exchanges has also spiraled out of control! From an ocean of exchanges, we’ve picked the top 3 to buy DOGE.

Binance US

Binance US is the best place to buy DOGE right now. This particular exchange has always been in the limelight thanks to its user-friendly approach. Even newcomers will know how to buy DOGE from here without any assistance.


Coinbase is another exchange that we can’t ignore. It’s been blessing the world with the latest crypto updates as well as the most competitive fee structure. You can also use the Coinbase wallet to integrate with the exchange for a more seamless experience.


Although we’re not technically trading, TradeStation is a valid contender for your DOGE Poker needs. Among many other investment vehicles, TradeStation offers an impeccable collection of crypto tokens. DOGE is one of them.

Play Poker with other Cryptocurrencies

Check out the list of the best poker games in the USA. These Dogecoin pokers are “best” in the sense that thousands of players like them. At least, statistics show that these are the games that American players spend the most time on.  

How to Deposit and Withdraw Money

Whether you play Dogecoin pokers or any other poker, you’ll need to deposit funds to your valid account first. And whether you win something or you simply want to withdraw your funds, you’ll need a way to do that too. This is the section where you learn how to deposit and withdraw to and from the best Dogecoin poker sites in the USA.

Get a DOGE Wallet

By now, DOGE has established itself as a viable cryptocurrency. The result is that most mainstream crypto wallets are compatible. The fact that it’s on the Ethereum blockchain also helps. Essentially, if you download any crypto wallet, it should work. Just in case, make sure you read the compatibility before downloading.

By DOGE from an Exchange

Once your wallet settings are dialed in, you need the actual DOGE tokens to play Dogecoin pokers. You can easily buy some from a crypto exchange. Or, if you already have some other token, you can convert them to DOGE too at the same exchange.

Account Deposit and Withdrawal

Once everything is ready, collect the casino or poker room’s wallet address and send the necessary DOGE coins as a deposit. And when the time comes for a withdrawal from online Dogecoin poker, give your wallet address to the operator.

Advantages of Using DOGE for Poker

If you’re wondering why you should use Dogecoin poker instead of regular poker, we may have the answer to that. The justification lies in the benefits Dogecoin poker offers over fiat money.

✔ Efficient Technology: Unlike Bitcoin or Litecoin, Dogecoin doesn’t use the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus. If you’re not aware, it’s the most inefficient consensus we have. The Ethereum blockchain where Dogecoin is also hosted uses Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus. It results in faster transaction times and lower overall.

✔ Affordable: Compared to many other crypto tokens, Dogecoins are still affordable. It means you don’t have to buy them in fractions and hope to make a profit someday. It’s still a very volatile currency which means you still have room to boost your bankroll.

✔ Anonymous Transactions: While all blockchain transactions are publicly recorded, the only recorded field is your wallet address. As a result, you’re not exposing your bank details, passwords, or any other critical data on the internet.

Popular Poker Tournaments

Online poker rooms launch tournaments pretty regularly. In fact, across the Dogecoin cryptocurrency poker sites on our page, you’ll find new tournaments all the time.

Apart from the online ones, the US is home to various world-class offline tournaments. You must’ve heard of the World Series of Poker. Then there are names like World Poker Tour and Mid-States Poker Tour!

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