Best Blackjack Litecoin Casinos in India

Among the popular card games at casinos, Blackjack is one of the top choices. It’s a borderline game of skill where you get to use your judgment. Of course, it’s extremely popular in India, so much so that Litecoin casinos offer it in different variants. Let’s learn all about the game.

Top Blackjack Litecoin casinos

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Online Blackjack Rules

The game of Blackjack originated in France and it was known as vingt-et-un. Funnily enough, it translates to “twenty-one” which captures the essence of the game.

At the core, your objective in Blackjack is to reach 21 with the card without going over. If you go over, it’s a “bust” and you lose the round.

A round of Litecoin casino Blackjack starts with the dealer dealing two cards for each player, one at a time, face up. They also get 2 cards, one face up and one face down. The face-down one is called the hole card.

After the first round of dealing, you can stand, hit, double down, or split. What you do depends on your initial 2 cards. This is where the “skill” or judgment aspect of the game comes into play.

Blackjack Litecoin

Blackjack LTC Combinations

Sure, the goal of Blackjack may be to reach 21 but there are many ways you can get there. When you hit, it means you’re asking for a 3rd card. Based on what cards you get, you can expect the following combinations in Litecoin Blackjack.

Cards Combination

Payout Value

Mini Royal (A, K, Q, Suited)

100 to 1

Straight Flush

35 to 1


33 to 1


10 to 1


5 to 1

RNG vs Live Blackjack

When you visit Litecoin Blackjack sites in India, you’ll find 2 distinct categories of games. The RNG type and the live dealer type. Check out the table to understand how they’re different.


RNG Blackjack

Live Dealer Blackjack


Software interface with no dealer

Real casino dealers to conduct the game


RNG to ensure randomness

Everything happens in front of your eyes


Similar to a video game

Feels as real as a real casino


American and European versions

Same but in live dealer format


Similar to a video game

Feels as real as a real casino

Best Litecoin Blackjack Games Strategies

When you use strategies, you give yourself a better chance at winning in LTC Blackjack. Thankfully, Blackjack has an element of skill which means you’re not entirely depending on luck. You can turn around a bad hand by playing the right move.

In this section, let us take you through the top strategies you can employ in India.

  • Card Counting

    Card counting is an age-old technique to determine who has the advantage during a round. Sure, the learning curve is pretty steep and you won’t be right every time. But it still gives you the edge over regular players as well as the dealer in Blackjack Litecoin.

    Also, card counting is completely legal because the casino can’t do anything against your mind and your mathematical prowess.

  • Memorize the Basic Blackjack Strategy

    If you search for the “basic blackjack strategy”, you’ll find a massive chart that pretty much outlines all possible hand combinations, both soft and hard. The chart also outlines the ideal action in Litecoin live Blackjack for you.

    When you memorize it or at least keep it handy, it can help you learn the ropes faster than you imagine.

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