Best Bitcoin Poker Sites in the Philippines

Bitcoin. Every time we hear about it, a lot of money flashes before our eyes. What happens to you? Well, let’s postpone this conversation for later. Right now, let’s focus on Bitcoin poker in the Philippines. 

List of Best Poker Sites that Accept BTC

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The Universal Guide to Bitcoin Pokers in the Philippines

bitcoin poker

Among the gambling activities available in the Philippines, poker is one of the most popular. This is your guide to the best Bitcoin poker sites in the Philippines!

Latest Casino Bonuses

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Is Bitcoin Poker Legal in the Philippines?

Every time we start a gambling guide, the legality discussion comes up on its own. It’s normal because you don’t want to end up in legal trouble just because you wanted to have some fun playing poker, right?

While it is allowed to run an internet casino in the Philippines, it is against the law to provide casino gambling services to Filipino customers when doing so from a location inside the country. However, through authorized and supervised offshore casino websites, Filipino gamers can still enjoy sanctioned online casino gambling.

If there was any question about this, a 2012 court case resulted in a decision that established the fact that players are not prohibited from participating in online wagering under Philippine gambling laws. This implies that players from the Philippines can legitimately partake in online casino gaming at websites that are authorized, governed, and situated outside the country.

🌍 CountryThe Philippines
👌 LanguagePhilippine, English
💶 CurrencyPhilippine Peso
⚖️ Is Gambling Legal?Yes, but with restrictions
🕵️‍♂️ Gaming RegulatorPhilippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR)
📃 Gambling Tax20% after exceeding PHP 10,001

Top Bitecoin Poker Casinos List

♻️ Best Bitcoin Poker Site for
⚡️ Best Bitcoin Poker Site for Instant PayoutsCloudbet
💰 Best Bitcoin Poker Site for Prize DrawsBitStarz Casino
☄️ Best Bitcoin Poker Site for High
🤑 Best Bitcoin Poker Site for Poker FreerollBlack Chip Poker Casino
🎩 Best Bitcoin Poker Site for Live
💡 Best Bitcoin Poker Site for InnovationBetUs Casino
👀 Best Bitcoin Poker Site for Free Tournament TicketsGGPoker Casino

How We Rate Bitcoin Poker Sites

The next phase of our discussion is how we actually list all the Bitcoin poker sites. There is an elaborate process that goes into ranking the sites. Let’s go over the criteria so that you get a better idea of our operations.

  • 1

    License and Security

    The access is controlled by the licensing authority. In the case of the Philippines, it’s the state government. If a poker site cannot prove a license, it’s not legal. 

    Also, security features like SSL encryption, 3rd party audits, and PCI DSS accreditations play big roles in making your experience seamless. We look for these features too.

  • 2

    Poker Game Collection

    What games you get to play at the best Bitcoin poker sites matters to us. If you have to play the same 5 games over and over, things will get boring very soon. Our goal is to try and include betting sites with top Bitcoin pokers.

  • 3


    Last but not least, we take bonuses pretty seriously. If you can’t have a good time claiming a bonus, what’s the point? You’ll find the most generous bonuses with user-friendly terms and conditions on our list.

Top 3 Bitcoin Poker Apps

We’re nearing the end of our Bitcoin poker guide. It still feels incomplete because we haven’t shared our opinion on which operators we believe are the best for Bitcoin poker gambling.

1. BitStarz

With country-wide popularity and years of experience under its belt, our first pick for Bitcoin poker games is BitStarz. Finding the poker games might be a little tricky on this site as it doesn’t have a dedicated tab. But you can still find a good collection of RNG and live Bitcoin poker games using the search engine.

2. SportBet.One

Unlike BitStarz, has a dedicated poker tab. All the poker games from all different categories are present there. One thing common across all the games is that you can buy yourself a spot by simply depositing Bitcoin in your account.

3. Thunderpick

Thunderpick also offers a section filled with poker games for Bitcoin poker lovers in the country. Once you click on that tab, you’ll land on the page where all the RNG and live dealer poker games are listed. You can also sort the games by providers, RTP, volatility, and popularity.

Popular Bitcoin Exchanges for Poker

Where can you get Bitcoins in the Philippines? At crypto exchanges! And what are the best crypto exchanges for Bitcoin poker? Let’s find out!


Binance is the overall best contender when it comes to crypto exchanges in the Philippines. It has a very user-friendly interface with nicely segmented menus. You can buy Bitcoin for real money within a few minutes and get started with the best Bitcoin pokers!


Known for its liquid-regulated crypto reserve, Coinbase is a crypto exchange option that can’t get any safer. You can also use the Coinbase wallet to keep things simple if you only plan to deal with mainstream cryptos. And mainstream for Coinbase means a couple of thousand tokens from the total itinerary of the world.


Primarily used by traders, TradeStation is a service you can use in the Philippines to buy Bitcoin. It also offers brokerage services, so if you ever need it, you can use the same platform for everything. Before TradeStation was a crypto exchange, it was a stockbroker for over 30 years!

Play Poker with other Cryptocurrencies

How to Deposit and Withdraw Money

One of the primary steps to get started with poker Bitcoin currency is to deposit BTC in your account. And after you win, you’ll need to withdraw Bitcoin. Even wonder how that entire process works?

Crypto Wallet

The prerequisite for crypto poker or anything else to do with crypto is a crypto wallet. These are similar to e-wallets you might already know about. But they’re specially designed to store cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Virtually all wallets accept BTC, so you can’t really go wrong here.

Crypto Exchange

Sure, you got the crypto wallet to store your Bitcoins and trade them. But do you even have Bitcoins? If not, where do you get them from?
Exchanges! Crypto exchanges are lifesavers when it comes to a regular person trying to get involved with crypto. You can buy Bitcoin using your credit card! Check out our top 3 exchange list coming up very soon.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Once you possess enough BTC to start playing online Bitcoin pokers, it’s time to deposit. It’s as simple as sending the required number of BTC or Satoshi (0.00000001 BTC) to the poker site’s wallet address. The withdrawal process is the exact opposite of the deposit. Instead of you sending money to the site’s address, the site sends BTC to your wallet address.

Advantages of Using BTC for Poker

Bitcoin is perhaps the most popular cryptocurrency right now. It has been this way for quite some time. It’s simply because crypto tokens offer some unique advantages. Let’s take a look at what they may be.

Proven Technology: The Bitcoin blockchain is the oldest network in the crypto industry. It’s been tested for more than a decade by millions of users. At this point, you’re unlikely to find a blockchain safer than BTC.

Instant Transactions: The fact that online transactions can go through immediately was first introduced by Bitcoin. Needless to say, your transactions at the US Bitcoin poker sites will also go through instantly. Not only that but your withdrawals will also be processed immediately.

Anonymous: People who’re concerned with their privacy online can benefit a lot from playing at online Bitcoin poker sites. For all of the transactions you execute as well as for the rest of the features, you never have to expose your identity. This way, you get to keep your bank accounts and credit cards safe as well.

Popular Poker Tournaments

Online poker rooms launch tournaments pretty regularly. In fact, across the Dogecoin cryptocurrency poker sites on our page, you’ll find new tournaments all the time.

Apart from the online ones, the Philippines is place to various world-class offline tournaments. You must’ve heard of the World Series of Poker. Then there are names like World Poker Tour and Mid-States Poker Tour!

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